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28 Novembre 2020
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Giocattoli di legno----
Id: 4799
Giocattoli di legno----

----Our firm has been manufacturing turned wooden houses made from spruce from 2001. According to the customer’s requirements we undertake the manufacture and construction of family houses, summer houses, catering premises, garages, sauna houses, pavilions, garden furniture, and children’s playground on the whole territory of Europe. The diameter of a turned wooden is about 16-20 cm. We are provided with the protection against fungal and insect pest. We use natural flax insulation between the elements. At our site the manufactured turned elements are cut, put together according to the plan, we are also marked piecemeal, a pile design is made about them, then we are packed, put on a truck and thus are sent to the place of destination. You can send us your plan and need by email and we make a bid in three days. Looking forward to your inquiry, Sincerely, Robert Sass (owner) Orline Gnizdo (Flinstone) Private Company Our site is situated at Beregovo,103 Bohdan Hmelnitskij Street, Transcarpathia, Ukraine (314 km from Budapest), 5 km from the Beregsurany-Asztely Hungarian-Ukrainian border. Tel: 00380502625587, 00380955389114 Email: 2015.01.19
Giocattoli di legno---- Giocattoli di legno----